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The Dual View Dumpers DV60, DV90 und DV100 – More flexible and safe than ever before

The innovative Dual View concept:

  • 180° rotatable operator’s seat providing optimum visibility when loading and driving.
  • The optional cab and front guard offer the best possible protection and safety.
  • Powerful and durable: the hydrostatic 4-wheel-drive system delivers maximum traction while switching seamlessly between forward and reverse. ECO-mode offers optimum power with minimum consumption.
  • Large comfortable cab: a pleasant working area where every detail is just right: Air conditioning system, all-round visibility, storage areas, tinted windows, seat contact switch, view camera with large display, high seating position etc.

Increased safety: always a perfect view of the working area, whether transporting, loading or unloading.

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Your advantages

180° rotation of the entire driver’s station

Release the lock, turn the seat with the console and continue working as usual quick and easy.

More safety

Perfect view of the working area at all times – during transporting, loading and unloading.

Higher productivity

Move safely and with precision in confined spaces – no delay and no fuel consumption due to maneuvering.

Just see more.

The Dual View clearly stands out from the requirements of the visual field standard ISO 5006: 2017.

In this area you can see a height of 1.2 m with the Dual View.

From from this line on you must be able to see a height of 1.2 m according to the visual field standard.

Hydrostatic drive system.

Due to the hydrostatic 4-wheel drive with constant traction force, our wheel dumpers can be easily driven on any terrain and are very sensitive in operation. Thanks to the hydrostatic braking effect, it is possible to drive with only one pedal in most situations. 

Increased operating comfort due to an ergonomic swivel console.

Easy 180° rotation – no time-consuming turning maneuvers.


1) Joystick handle
with a travel direction switch-over function and skip control

2) Multifunction display
for machine functions

3) Screen for a standard rear-view camera
with lockable vandalism protection, whereby the screen and camera complies with IP69

4) Steering column with tilt adjustment
provides easy and safe ascent and descent

5) Additional storage space

6) Rotating assembly with ball bearings
for a quick change of the seat position

Large comfort cab.

A pleasant working area is an important safety advantage.
Every detail of our dumper cab is just right:

  • Large control stand with ample space and legroom
  • Steering wheel and operator’s seat adjustable to any operator size
  • Air-conditioning system for perfect working temperature and air circulation
  • Clear instrument panel with intuitive joystick operation
  • Tinted windows for optimum UV and noise protection
  • ROPS (roll over protection system) / FOPS-Level-II-certified
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Indoor cab noise level only 80 dB(A)
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Steering wheel-tilt adjustment
  • 3-way adjustable operator’s seat (angle of backrest, forward / reverse, suspension adjustable to operator’s weight)
  • Many storage areas
  • Front sun blind

Made for construction sites

  • Hydrostatic drive system: the machine stops as soon as the operator removes the foot from the pedal
  • Optimal power development with fuel-saving diesel engine
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to the efficient hydrostatic all-wheel drive with ECO mode
  • Safer and more comfortable access to the driver's station
  • Rear-view camera for the best possible view in the skip direction
  • Wear-free, easy-to-operate spring-loaded brake for the total durability and reliability
  • Three models with 6,000 – 10,000 kg payload

… trust in Dual View

Take the smarter approach and choose to work more comfortably, efficiently and with considerably less effort. Safer and faster than ever before, you can now turn your back on all that head twisting and unnecessary maneuvering.

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