Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522 in action with pallet fork

Telehandler TH522: Unites power and manoeuvrability

The comfortable TH522 telehandler is characterised by the combination of strong engine output, high level of manoeuvrability and great lift height. Thanks to the all wheel steering and compact design, the TH522 is extremely manoeuvrable. Stacking and transport work is fast and easy in even the tightest of spaces. Equipped with sensitive work hydraulics and a hydrostatic drive, it is possible to use many different attachments.

Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Multitool attachments

The telehandler as an equipment carrier

  • Telehandlers are used for a huge range of jobs, and Wacker Neuson offers an equally extensive portfolio of attachments. With our comprehensive and well thought-out attachment range, you can turn any model into a multi-functional all-rounder.
  • The “telehandler” investment can be used in a vast number of task fields, and as a result, it is very economical.
  • The machine can be used all year round (e.g. even for winter service), relying on many different attachments depending on the application.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, vls (vertical lift system)

VLS (Vertical Lift System)

  • The VLS (Vertical Lift System) is a driver assistance system that makes the work easier for the operator when lifting or lowering loads by extending and retracting the telescopic boom semi-automatically when lifting and lowering, respectively, without the operator having to additionally control the telescopic function. This makes smooth and quick work possible.
  • The almost vertical lifting and lowering movement also makes the telehandler with the VLS very stable because the load does not enter into the overload area. Experienced operators can work even faster and safer with the VLS. Inexperienced operators receive valuable support for lifting and loading work.
  • The VLS (Vertical Lift System) can be categorised into two different modes: In the bucket mode, the telescopic arm always automatically retracts within the upper and lower area and within the upper area the telescopic arm does not automatically extend, this is suitable, for example, for loading works with bulk material. The stacking mode, the telescopic boom does not automatically retract within the lower area, in the upper area the telescopic boom automatically extends, it is possible to simultaneously lower and extend the telescopic arm, this is, for example, suitable for stacking work with pallets.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Joystick

Ergonomic joystick

  • The joystick lies securely and comfortably in your hand. As a result, control is direct and sensitive at the same time. In this way, the operator always has the machine and its key functions under control.
  • Alongside the standard functions, like selecting the travel direction and the speed, other functions, e.g. the differential lock, the 3rd and 4th control circuit, High-Flow, and all electrical functions, can be operated using the joystick, depending on the model. This enables the comfortable one-handed operation of attachments.
  • Concentrating the most important function on the joystick ensures comfortable working even over longer periods of time. This also increases overall efficiency when working with the machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Powder coating

High-quality powder coating

  • In comparison to conventional wet painting, powder-coating greatly extends the service life of the machine and is also environment friendly.
  • The durable powder coating guarantees value retention and ensures an accordingly high resale value for the machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, High Flow

High Flow high-performance hydraulics

  • The machine can be optionally equipped with a High-Flow high-performance hydraulic. This enables the operation of front attachments, which have a high demand for oil (e.g. snowplow or mulcher). As a result, the application range of the machine increases, as even with the compact machines it is possible to operate demanding attachments.

More Features

Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, All-round visibility

Excellent all-round visibility

  • The TH522’s cab provides a good overview of the attachments, the immediate work area and the entire area around the machine. In combination with the sloping engine bonnet, the low side window on the right-hand side and the high seat position ensure an optimal view. This increases safety across the machine's entire work area.
  • For an even better overview, there is also the cabin elevation option for the TH522, which raises is by 200 mm. Thanks to the wide front windscreen and roof window, it is always possible to view the attachment. This is particularly important to effectively and safely work with the telehandler at height.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Lighting

Good illumination of the work area

  • Lighting can be adapted to various requirements depending on the model: Halogen lighting, lighting according to Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO) (halogen or LED), LED lighting (normal or performance), rotating beacons and additional headlights on the telescopic arm. This makes customised work with the machine possible, even in the dark.
  • Good illumination of the work area increases work safety and provides the operator with a longer period of time to work with the machine fatigue-free.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Entry and exit

Easy entry and exit

  • With a few steps, the operator can get into the machine's cabin comfortably. This enables a generous entry area close to the ground, and easily-reachable handles. This increases the safety of the operator when entering and exiting.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, View to the right

Good visibility to the right

  • The view to the right is often insufficient with many telehandlers. With Wacker Neuson, this is guaranteed through the large-sized right window, the low positioning of the telescopic arm and the steeply sloping engine hood. The operator always has an optimal view of the area to the right of the machine and of the right mirror. This increases safety in the entire working area of the machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, three steering modes

Three types of steering for maximum flexibility

  • 1. All-wheel steering: full manoeuvrability and control in the smallest area.
  • 2. Front-wheel steering: for safe driving, even at higher speeds.
  • 3rd Crab steering: sideways driving for ultra-precise manoeuvring in tight spaces.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Trailer operation

Flexible trailer operation

  • The machine can tow a trailer with the optional ball hitch. Depending on the model, there is an automatic ball hitch or a trailer device ball hitch K50 available. In doing so, the weight of the trailer complies with the machine’s size and/or the machine weight.
  • The ability to tow a trailer expands the machine's range of applications and offers more flexibility, as no additional towing vehicle is needed. This makes the machine multifunctional.
  • The option to tow a trailer is extends the application range of the machine and provides more flexibility because an additional towing vehicle is not required. The machine can be used multi-functionally.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Equipment

Variety of equipment

  • Wacker Neuson machines have an extensive and high-quality range of standard components. In addition, the engine, drive, operator's station, and hydraulics can be individually configured depending on application and model. It is always guaranteed that the machine will be right for the individual demands and preferences of the customer.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, TH522, electrical connections front and rear, studio

Front and/or rear electrical connections

  • The machine can be equipped with electrical connections at the front and/or rear. As a result, electrically-operated auxiliary functions of attachments (e.g. a sweeping machine with water-spray facility) can be operated. Additionally, it is possible to switch between the additional function of hydraulic attachments. Operation is therefore comfortable using the joystick.
  • The electric functions (push/lock) can be individually assigned to the joystick controls if desired.
  • Electrical connections at the front and/or rear ensure that a wide range of attachments can be operated with the machine. This in turn increases the range of applications of the machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412e-TH522, pressureless return incl. leakage oil line, studio

Pressureless return including leakage oil line

  • Certain attachments with their own hydraulic motor require an unpressurized return line. The hydraulic oil flows back into the hydraulic oil tank via the oil cooler and the oil filter in a large dimensioned separate line. The advantage here is that the attachment can feed the return oil cooled and without increased stagnation pressure back into the hydraulic oil tank. This protects components of the machine and the attachment.
  • The leakage oil line returns the leakage oil of the oil motor to the tank with max. 2 bar if required. This minimizes the casing pressure in the hydraulic motor of the attachment.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, 2x2 m class

Compact dimensions in the 2 x 2 m class

  • The width and height of the compact telehandlers is respectively under 2 m. This is why our telehandlers are also ideal for applications in confined areas and therefore are unique in their combination of lift height, width and machine performance.
  • All telehandlers from our compact series have a particularly small internal radius. The maneuverability achieved as a result of this makes the machine very versatile on each and every application site.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, PTO shaft

PTO shaft for rear attachments

  • The hydraulically-driven PTO on the rear of the telehandler enables the operation of different rear attachments. This increases the machine’s range of applications.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Three-point rear mount

Three-point connection for rear attachments

  • The three-point uptake is attached to the rear of the machine and enables lifting, lowering and towing of attachments with three-point mountings. This increases the machine’s range of applications.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, speed 30km/h

30 km/h speed

  • With the corresponding engine version, the machine can reach speed of up to 30 km/h. This enables the faster implementation of the machine from A to B, and as a result saving time and increasing economic efficiency.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Differential lock

100 % connectible differential lock

  • The connectible 100% differential lock provides maximum traction and thrusting power when needed. It also keeps tire wear low. This increases the efficiency of the machine.
  • During normal operation the differential lock is deactivated, this provides safety, low wear and, as a result, saves in operating costs.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, High hydraulic power

High hydraulic performance

  • A Wacker Neuson machine has sufficient hydraulic power and is therefore suitable for the operation of many different attachments.
  • The flexible combination of machine and a variety of hydraulically operated attachments covers numerous work tasks.
  • Advantage: Machines with a high hydraulic power save money as it is not necessary to switch to a larger machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, tyres

Optimum tires

  • The right tires for a machine play an important role in practical application. If the tires are matched to the ground and the application, the operator can work optimally with the machine.
  • Selecting the right tires ensures maximum traction as well as minimum wear and a pleasant running smoothness of the machine. These aspects also increase the service life of the tires and at the same time increase economic efficiency.
  • To achieve optimal performance on any subbase the following different treads are available, depending on the model: EM tread, AS tread, SureTrax tread, RP tread, and MPT tread. This already ensures ex works for maximum flexibility in the machine configuration.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412e, TH522 display digital, studio

Easy-to-read digital display

  • The most important functions always in view: The digital display helps the driver to always keep an overview while working. In addition to standard displays such as temperature, fuel level or engine hours, the active functions are also displayed in the cockpit, for example, switched-on electric functions, the continuous operation of the 3rd control circuit or the switched-on differential lock.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522 with pallet fork in application

Compact telehandler

  • The compact Wacker Neuson telehandlers are unique in their combination of lift height, width and machine capacity. With the all-wheel steering and all-wheel drive, you are absolutely stable and well-equipped for many different tasks.
  • Thanks to the all-wheel steering and the single-piece chassis, the Wacker Neuson telehandlers are particularly maneuverable and very stable. The low center of gravity of the machine also supports the stability.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Changing attachments

Efficient change of attachments

  • Thanks to the hydraulic quickhitch system, attachments can be readily exchanged. In this way, your machine is immediately ready for use again. This increases productivity and profitability.
  • The good view of the coupling points makes changing attachments very easy. Also, changing over is particularly safe with 2-hand operation when decoupling.
  • The hydraulic quickhitch system for attachments is available as standard for the Wacker Neuson telehandlers.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Ergonomic workplace

Ergonomic cockpit

  • Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged operating elements, comfortable operator’s seat, and optimal view of the attachment: A working area that motivates and fully supports the operator.
  • Well-tuned equipment increases the comfort for the operator. He can also work optimally with the machine for longer periods of time.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, TH522 working climate, studo

Comfortable working environment

  • The efficiently designed heating and ventilation system with fan, fresh air filter and well-placed air nozzles keeps the cab in a comfortable working climate.
  • There are always sufficient air nozzles installed in the different cabin versions, which provides good air circulation, and the working climate is therefore comfortable for the operator.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412-TH522 air conditioner, studio

Air-conditioning system

  • The optional air conditioning system ensures a pleasant working climate inside the cab when outside temperatures are warm. It ensures a high airflow and impresses with its optimized cooling capacity. The operating element for the control and the air nozzles are always in the best possible position.
  • The air conditioning system increases the comfort for the operator. It enables fatigue-free work as it reduces the strain on the operator in warm outdoor temperatures.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, TH522 ventilation as needed, studio

Ventilation as required

  • The cab has a large, wide-opening door and opening windows. With the two-piece door, the upper window pane can be opened up and affixed on the back. Gap ventilation through the window and/or door is likewise possible. Depending on the model, it is also possible to open the rear windshield and the whole door, which in turn can be affixed to the back.
  • The different ventilation options ensure fresh air in the can, even without the use of air-conditioning, and increase the operator’s comfort when ambient temperatures are warm.
Wacker Neuson telehandler Th412, TH522, driver's seat (console not sprung), studio

Comfortable and ergonomic operator's seat

  • The driver's seat is ergonomically shaped, well sprung and adjustable. The optional air sprung comfort seat offers even more pleasant conditions. Seat heating is available for cold temperatures. This increases the comfort for the operator. He can thus concentrate on working with the machine for longer periods.
  • Depending on the model, different seats are available to match the size of the machine. The various seat adjustment options allow individual settings for the operator, providing optimum comfort.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522 charge damping, studio

Comfortable loading arm damping

  • The loading arm shock absorber can be activated electrically and enables optimum handling of the machine in rough terrain and on the road. It is particularly recommended when the machine transports heavy loads in the bucket or on the pallet fork, or moves a heavy attachment over a long distance at high speed. The loading arm shock absorber provides a significant plus in comfort for the operator.
  • Lifting arm damping prevents the machine from rocking at high travel speeds. This increases safety for the operator and protects the vehicle components by absorbing shocks.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, TH522 hand throttle, studio

Manual throttle

  • The manual throttle allows a constant engine speed to be set manually for optimum operation of an attachment. Continuously variable adjustment is convenient and precise via a corresponding potentiometer.
  • The hand throttle ensures comfortable and concentrated work with attachments such as a sweeper, hedge trimmer or mulcher, even over longer periods of time.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, telescopic boom

Robust Telescopic Arm

  • The telescopic arm is both sturdy and stable in design, and is positioned in the middle of the machine, which counteracts the twisting. The parallel guide is hydraulic and the sliding elements in the interior pipe of the telescopic arm are maintenance-free. This reduces wear and increases the service life of the machine.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522 operating philosophy, studio

Consistent operating philosophy

  • There is a consistent operating concept with clearly categorized and ergonomically organized switches and keypads within each Wacker Neuson machine. In terms of the style, all machine can be operated very similarly, if not the same. This has the benefit that an operator is able to quickly familiarize themselves with different Wacker Neuson machine and is able to work productively.
  • The Wacker Neuson operating philosophy provides the operator with a simple understanding of the machine, whereby they are able to orientate themselves well and work safely. This can be seen, for example, in the recurring elements, like the jog dial, joystick, display, general switch positioning, etc.
Wacker Neuson tyres, Inch brake pedal

Brake-inch pedal: Engine output where it is needed

  • 1. No pressure on the brake-inch pedal: full power for the drive system. 2. Slightly depressed brake-inch pedal: speed is reduced, more power to the work hydraulics. 3. Strongly depressed brake-inch pedal: The speed is reduced further, even more power to the work hydraulics. 4. Fully depressed brake-inch pedal: The machine stands still, full power to the work hydraulics.
  • The benefits of the brake-inch pedal: Less wear on the service brake as well as optimal performance distribution of the engine output.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412, pressure relief at the loading unit, studio

Pressure release on the telescopic boom

  • The button for the pressure discharge is easy to access outside on the telescopic arm. In this way, different hydraulic attachments can be replaced even faster and more efficiently. This also occurs with a running engine (diesel) or a switched on machine (electric).
  • When the pressure relief is activated, the active hydraulic control circuit is depressurized and hydraulically operated attachments can be changed effortlessly and safely.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, bonnet

Optimal service friendliness

  • With just one step, the engine hood can be opened for regular service and maintenance. Hydraulic oil tank, air cleaner, engine oil filling, oil-level dipstick, and cooling water can therefore be accessed quickly and easily.
  • Service work can be carried out easily and quickly, automatically maximizing machine availability, which in turn reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412e-TH522 lubrication points, Studio

Easily accessible machine components.

  • It is essential for the correct and effective maintenance to regularly lubricate all lubrication points, and therefore for the application safety of the machine. In order to save time and facilitate work, all lubrication points are always easily accessible.
  • Since the lubrication points are easily accessible, regular lubrication of the machine is particularly easy. This in turn increases the longevity of the machine and increases its value preservation.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH412e-TH522 central lubrication system, studio

Fully automatic central lubrication unit

  • On the fully-automatic central lubrication system, the time it takes to perform the lubrication and the intervals at which to perform it are set. With regularly lubrication top-ups of all lubrication points the application safety of the machine is increased.
  • With the fully automatic central lubrication system, the lubrication of the machine is done automatically and thus very conveniently. This means significant saving of time and increase in the longevity of the machine, thus increasing its value preservation.
Wacker Neuson telehandler TH522, Split hydraulic hoses

Maintenance-friendly hydraulic hosing

  • Wacker Neuson machines generally have short hydraulic hoses installed in them. This means that the hoses are divided at several points. In the event that a hydraulic hose requires replacing, only the affected part needs to be replaced. Therefore, the whole hose connection within the hydraulic circuit does not require exchanging. This accelerates the repair times enormously and is also cost-efficient.

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