Wacker Neuson Switzerland offers carbon-neutral rental services

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda at Wacker Neuson. This also applies to the company's rental fleet. From January 1st, 2023, the entire rental fleet will be CO₂-neutral. Certified and verifiable, because the CO₂ emissions of the entire product life cycle will be fully offset via carbon offset projects. Together with the non-profit organization myclimate, we have developed an innovative solution for this purpose - with great additional value for you. With our carbon-neutral rental equipment and machines, you can make CO₂-neutral operation on your construction site possible today. This active commitment to reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gases also gives you a decisive competitive advantage when it comes to securing contracts: Companies and the public sector are increasingly relying on CO₂-neutral performance - and on a partner who can provide you with sustainable support in the process.

Carbon-neutral construction machinery and equipment

A construction machine can be called carbon-neutral if all CO₂ emissions generated along the machine's life cycle are offset. For this purpose, the CO₂ emissions are calculated, then reduced where possible, and finally all currently unavoidable CO₂ emissions are offset by a climate protection project. This means that there are no greenhouse gas emissions in the balance sheet and the construction machine can call itself "carbon-neutral".

CO2 Compensation

To calculate the CO₂ emissions, a CO₂ balance sheet is drawn up for the machine.
This means that all climate-impacting emissions along the life cycle of the construction machine are analyzed and calculated. The calculations cover the mining of raw materials, production processes and transport routes, operation of the machine, and also the subsequent disposal or recycling of components. Wacker Neuson has carried out this calculation for its product portfolio with myclimate. The total amount of CO₂ emissions resulting from the calculations is neutralized in the balance sheet via emission reduction credits - so-called certificates - from certified myclimate carbon offset projects. In concrete terms, this means that the CO₂ emissions generated along the life cycle of a construction machine are compensated for elsewhere.

Carbon offset projects from myclimate:


Quality verified with Gold Standard

Quality is the focus of myclimate carbon offset projects. The international carbon offset projects of myclimate are located in developing and emerging countries. The project fulfill the highest standards. They are verified by the Gold Standard in the energy sector. The Gold Standard is an independent quality standard that distinguishes high-quality CO₂ offset projects. In addition to CO₂ reduction, all projects simultaneously contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus promote social, ecological, and economic development in the region.

We support climate protection measures in projects in India, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic:


Clean drinking water for households in Uganda

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Solar project in the Dominican Republic

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Climate neutral rent

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