IE Series

High-frequency internal vibrators IE

High-frequency internal vibrators IE: Easy and effective

The Wacker Neuson IE series of internal vibrators are equipped with a high-frequency electric motor, enabling them to achieve excellent concrete consolidation results. The ergonomically designed housing ensures comfortable handling for the operator.

Illustration Wacker Neuson RPM-stable motors

High-performance electric motor with stable speeds

  • With the consistently high rpm, this high-frequency internal vibrator delivers reliable concrete consolidation performance and efficient, high-quality results.
  • The motors were developed by Wacker Neuson and are wound and produced by in-house manufacturing in Germany. This ensures consistently high engine output and quality.
High-frequency internal vibrators IE

Made in Germany

  • High quality standard, high performance and long service life are guaranteed, as the machine is developed and produced in Germany.
Illustration economic efficiency zero emission

Sturdy design

  • The sturdy design means the machine is not prone to requiring repair and guarantees a long service life.

More Features

Head of internal vibrator

The front third of the vibrator head is tempered

  • The front third of the vibrator head is tempered. This reduces the wear on the head. This saves maintenance costs.

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